Honey and Bees

Our goal is first and foremost to maintain the health of our colonies. To accomplish this we limit the number of hives in any given location to ensure each colony is well resourced. This has the added benefit of not out competing our native bee and insect populations. The use of cover crops on the farm not only improves soil fertility, but is put to use by the foraging bees. We select flowering cover crops and allow them to reach maturity to create additional forage for our bees. These include among others: buckwheat, clover, trefoil, and vetch. The cover crops, local forage, and over 200 varieties of flowers we grow gives our honey a unique flavour.

The bees are a part of the local ecosystem and we enjoy both the honey, wax, and propolis they produce, as well as the birds, dragonflies, and spiders they attract.