Natural Dyes

Fascinated by the idea of natural colour, and also keenly aware of the environmental benefits of natural dyes, we started thinking about cut flowers on our farm as a way to grow and experiment with plant-based colour. For centuries before the advent of synthetic dyes, plants, bark, lichens and mushrooms were used to dye textiles. Many, if not most, of the flowers and herbs we grow can be used as a natural dye. 

Seasonally and Regionally Unique

Every dye plant or mushroom has a season and preferred climate. This means that natural colour is not only seasonal, it also differs geographically. The colour we can produce in Callander is different from other places, meaning each distinct ecological region has a different natural colour palette.

Growing Plant-Based Colour

We’re also part of a much larger and growing movement of people sourcing dyes and natural fibres from producers in Ontario, creating a bioregional fashion community that values a soil-to-soil system of connection between what we wear and where it comes from. We’re proud Members of the Upper Canada Fibreshed and encourage you to dive into this movement too!

Work With Us 

Dye from our plants has been described as soothing, calming and revitalizing. We work directly with Ontario fashion designers, makers and crafters to supply natural colour derived from our dye plants. All of our dyes are air dried throughout the growing season and are available for purchase starting in October until March. Our colour is also seasonal to reflect our workflow. Our plants produce greens, blues, pinks, oranges and yellows. From these bases, a wide range of colour can be made. Natural dyes are colour fast, but they change over time. We are not able to guarantee an exact shade or replications of a shade. Our ability is to provide dried plant material for you to experiment with in your own dye pots, or to provide a professional natural dyer to create extraordinary colour for your collections and work. If you are interested in learning more about our dye material, seasonal availability, quantities and pricing, please contact us to discuss. We can also make recommendations on designers, natural dyers and where to learn more about this fascinating craft.  

A display of dye flowers and plants.

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